Intranet Software

A platform where sharing of data within the organization

An intranet software is software that provides companies or organization with an authorized private and secure network that can only be accessed by internal employees. An Intranet software serves as the prime point to access internal and external resources, and enables employees to communicate, collaborate, share documents and other information. These applications are generally developed in such a way that the employee has maximum control over it.

Intranet software provides the organization with a digital workplace environment for ease while working. Intranet software is useful and beneficial for all the enterprises may it be a SMEs (Small and Medium size Enterprise) or a large Enterprise.

An intranet software basically means that internal communications within a company are simplified substantially and make for more success in terms of growth, as productivity increases. It’s like an internal database which every employee can access, with different permissions for various staff. These applications are built for easy access of data and easy operation on data in a company.

Creative Intranet software is a software that provides user with a dais to communicate information effectively and efficiently throughout the organization may it be in a team, a department or organisation situated in different locations and time zones. In different cities like Pune, a city 75 miles away from the financial centre of Mumbai which has well connected roadways aiding great transportation and traffic problems like none-other Indian cities.

As many different organizations are well established in Pune, may it be a subsidiary, a branch or the organization itself, such organization has different projects going on at different locations and time zone at once and thus requires a central location to store all their data, having an Intranet software is to their great advantage. Let us assume that you are the HR of the company and you want the data from a person who is currently working at a different location and different time zone, here intranet software comes into picture. Of course, you can share that data via email but, would it be available for others if the need be? Intranet software provides you with a platform where sharing of data within the organization is easy and uncomplicated.

An Intranet Software provides one with a centralized system that gives employees access to the needed information with restricted access to certain valuable data.

Few other features of Creative Intranet software are:

  • It improves employee engagement process with the help of different widgets that enhance employee participation by providing them with a platform to share their ideas, thoughts and views, it also provides employees with any updates or latest activities that are going to happen or any announcements that could have been missed if were to be noticed personally.
  • It is very important for an employee to get themselves familiarized with the organizations work environment, for new joiners to gather and understand all this data by themselves would be quite difficult. That is where Creative Intranet software simplifies the employee onboarding process by providing the newly joined employee a platform to explore and know about the organization at vast by providing them with internal information like Company Policy, Company Reports, Standard Operating Procedures(SOP) explaining the mechanics and application of different machines or software, Company Research, etc.
  • Let us assume that as an employer you want to announce certain change in the course of events, it can be a meeting, a get together or a company event, it would be easy to announce such an event with a platform which is accessible to each and every employee.
  • Intranet software drastically reduces pointless expense of money required to share hard copies of the documents that are required by the employees for references.
As an employee can work from anywhere with the availability of the desktop and internet service as with the use of Intranet software all the necessary data needed by the user will be available in one place for easy accessibility and working, thereby resulting in getting the work done on time. Intranet software thus provide users with mobility, thus resulting in getting the work done on time without any complications.

Creative Intranet Software follow a client centric approach and latest technology, they drive their clients to an application that best suits the needs and requirements. They understand the role of an intranet software is not just to store and communicate data, that’s why they provide their clients with the solution that gives an employee a sense of community and belonging. They understand the importance of the company information that’s why they provide the company with a safe, secure and efficient solution.

On many different festivals like Diwali, Holi, Christmas, etc and on different urgencies when the employee is not physically present in the organization, a lot of organizations important work is put up on hold due to absence of staff or employees, this problem can be easily resolved with the use of Intranet.