Intranet Development

The right intranet platform helps to improve interaction

In today’s technological era, the company intranet is the platform that binds staff together and improves employee engagement. The right intranet platform helps to improve interaction with internal and external teams and increase productivity. Intranets help organisations to effectively manage the information about the goods and services that they offer, identify different ongoing trends, collaborate, discuss potential ideas and make informed business decisions.

Creative social intranet development services include analysing your business needs and tailoring an intranet service according to your business goals and needs. A tool like this helps organisations to have a platform where employee needs and the business processes are formulated for the development of the business.

The main reason to have such a platform is to improve the process of gathering and sharing data in an organization, to simplify the management process of the projects, to work towards collective productivity, etc In present times, Intranet can be quite helpful to the organization, as it allows its employees to work from anywhere with just the availability of a device and internet. It can be a useful tool for metropolitan cities like Pune, where the well-connected roadways serve them with long lasting traffic due to being an IT hub as well as due to the manufacturing industries that are present there.

On many different occasions like festivals or any other situation, when the employee is not physically present in the organization, a lot of organization’s important work is put up on hold due to absence of staff or employees, this problem can be easily resolved with the use of Intranet. As intranet is flexible (that is compatible with different operating systems), it ensures the work gets done, as all that an employee needs to complete a task is a device with a browser and an internet service.

With the help of intranet all the required data is available in one place for easy accessibility and working. Intranet software provide users with mobility, thus resulting in getting the work done on time without any complications.

The usage of intranet would save a lot of time and effort from the employee’s end, thus resulting in more productivity. Intranet offers many functionalities with the help of different widgets, widgets are basically different modules that the intranet can offer, these modules are discussed with the organization’s spokesperson to better understand their needs.

Some of these modules that are identified by the Creative Social Intranet are:

  • News and Announcements:

    A section where the employer or any person with an authority and permission can post certain data about the company’s progress. It would provide the employees a platform where they could check the latest trends via different industrial blogs related to the sector. Such a platform can be used to make an employee aware of any meetings that are to be held.

    Employee Engagement

    A platform where employee will be able to openly share their ideas, views and opinions with their fellow mates. Employee can post anything may it be a blog, inspirational/motivating words, etc. All these posts are made available to the employees’ ones the administrator approves it. It provides employees a platform where they can collaborate with other employees of the organization. Resulting in better employee engagement and a knowledgeable feed.

  • Formation of Groups

    In an organization, there are different departments, all this departments needs to have a platform where they can discuss about there ongoing projects or future projects or any instruction for a particular department. With the facility to form different groups like IT, Finance, etc. We can share news or announcements that are specifically for a group of people, rather than a whole organization.

    Employee Onboarding

    Intranet provides with a platform which simplifies the onboarding process, as employee can access a vast amount of information present on the sites to gain knowledge about organizations goals and aspiration. They can refer company policies, work instructions, etc. to understand the work environment better.

These are just the few of the functionalities among the others that the creative social intranet offers. They provide a solution that is needed by the organization, with the help of the organization. They provide their users with a robust platform, for users to easily seek the required information that they want as well as to contribute information on the platform. Having different modules simplifies the navigation of the information through the site quickly and effectively. A tool like this can help the organization’s HR manager or any superior authority to get the most productivity from their employees, while also keeping those employees happy and satisfied.

Creative social Intranet team can help build the intranet website or software, with company-requested modules and create a rationalized approach towards uploading data onto the site. Together with the company they can build a platform where employees can actively participate and collaborate.