Intranet Application

Applications of Intranet Application

Pune, a city 75 miles away from the financial capital of Mumbai is a pool of opportunities for millennials. Pune city wears more than one hat- leading IT destination, logistics hub and a renowned centre for the auto, design and white goods industries, amongst many others. Pune is basically a start-up environment for budding enthusiastic entrepreneur. With several industrial and technological giants rooted here, it caters as one stop destination to millennials longing for high incomes and a penchant for up market lifestyles.

A well-planned digital business structure is exactly what the industrial giants desire, which can be provided with the help of Intranet. Intranet is one of the services that are offered by the new economy services.

How would things look without Intranet?

If there is no Intranet in an organization then it is very likely that there will be no centralized system for storage of data, which would sometimes result in lack of information. Non-availability of such a platform would result in no activities, which would result in decrease of knowledge sharing and decrease in Employee engagement. Organizations lacking in accomplishing such a system would not be able to evaluate the work report of the employees.

What is Intranet Application?

An intranet application is a platform that provides companies or organization with an authorized private and secure network that can only be accessed by internal employees. An Intranet application serves as the prime point to access internal and external resources, and enables employees to communicate, collaborate, share documents and other information.

Why you should choose Creative Social Intranet?

An Intranet Application is a centralized system that helps employees to effectively and efficiently share data. It aids organization to easily manage data. With the organization they build a platform where employees can actively participate and collaborate. A tool like this can help the organization’s HR manager or any superior authority to get the most productivity from their employees, while also keeping those employees happy and satisfied.

  • Digital management of data

    A tool like this helps managers to accumulate all the documents and information at one place, thereby reducing any errors in the transfer of data. Having an intranet platform reduces paper cost as the welcome kits can be made available for the employees on the intranet itself. Providing employees with digital signature can help them work efficiently on the important documents.

    Foster Employee Engagement

    Creative Social Intranet can improve engagement in a number of ways. As intranet being a platform where the organization culture comes to life, it’s easier for employees to understand the values, the bigger picture and feel part of it. An intranet is a place for active communication and collaboration, employees can use it to stay connected with their team and get feedback from managers.

  • Announcement

    A section where the employer or any person with an authority and permission can post certain data about the organization’s progress. It would provide the employees a platform where they could check the latest trends via different industrial blogs related to the sector. Such a platform can be used to make an employee aware of any meetings that are to be held or any policy being implemented.

    Progress Report

    Progress report helps employee as well as the team leader to check the progress of the employee. This feature also helps the HR Manager the track the progress of the employee and his work easily. With such a report employee can get honest feedback from their team leaders and managers.

  • Employee Onboarding

    Intranet provides with a platform which simplifies the onboarding process, as employee can access a vast amount of information present on the sites to gain knowledge about organizations goals and aspiration. They can refer organization policies, work instructions, etc. to understand the work environment better.

Why Intranet Application?

TIn today’s times, it has become very crucial for any organization to have a separate platform like intranet to communicate and collaborate effectively. It has come to this point because of the increasing number of data breaches happening in the organization, lack of communication, no proper storage for the organization’s information and many more. Intranet Application is useful and beneficial for all the enterprises may it be a SMEs (Small and Medium size Enterprise) or a large Enterprise. It provides a digital workspace for organization.

Creative Social Intranet team follows a client centric approach and can help organization to build an intranet application, with organization-entreated modules and create a rationalized approach towards uploading and managing data onto the platform.