HR Intranet Software

What is HR Intranet Software?

Pune is a multi-disciplined city entitled with -leading IT destination, logistics hub and a renowned centre for the auto, design and white goods industries, amongst many others. The well-known knowledge city serves to be a one stop destination for millennials, as it is home to many enterprises may it be SME (small to mid-size enterprise) or a large enterprise. HR Intranet software is a private and secure platform that can only be accessed by the internal employees to communicate effectively, collaborate, share documents and other information. An HR intranet software is basically a platform for internal simplified substantial communication and collaboration in order to gain more success in terms of growth and productivity.

The main reason for successful collaboration is sharing of data, which is very easy with such a platform. It acts as a centralized database to store information, with different permission for various staffs.

Why do companies need intranet?

In today’s times, the world is getting closer with the help of technology, our reach to data is expanding with each passing day. It is very important for the companies to protect their valuable data from the outside world. Intranet is exactly what these companies need to protect themselves from increasing number of data breaching, storage of data and many more. A platform like this can be beneficial to all the enterprises may it be a SME or a large enterprise, as it provides a digital workspace for the employees.

To understand it better let’s compare two different scenarios:

With Intranet

  • Centralized storage of documents and information.
  • Easy to access data.
  • Convenient to share information.
  • Better Employee Engagement due to different activities.
  • Better management of data.
  • An announcement and news widget ensure everyone gets the news or announcement.
  • Holiday chart- for employee reference to plan their schedule effectively.
  • A platform to share knowledge.
  • A platform to improve connections with other employees.
  • A platform where managers and employees can check the Progress of the project.
  • A dais where the hard work of employees can be recognized by the different batches they received as recognition.
  • Reduces cost of paper.

Without intranet

  • Distributive storage of documents and information.
  • Difficult to access data.
  • Inconvenient to share data.
  • Little to none employee engagement activities.
  • Management of data is a hassle.
  • An announcement is done but no way to ensure its reach to everyone.
  • No apparent way to know the holidays, resulting in non-effective scheduling.
  • No platform to share knowledge.
  • No platform to improve connection with other employees.
  • No platform to check progress of the project.
  • No platform for recognition.
  • Does not reduce cost of paper.

There are people in the company who works in a remote location. A system like this helps them to easily commute the data to the managers and also gives them a chance to be connected with the company.

Why Creative Social Intranet?

Creative Social Intranet is the right Human Resource intranet to use as with the help of latest technology they deliver customized-software equipped with features to fulfil the purpose related to HR. Their various flexible solution leads to a smart workspace. They help companies build a perfect digital workplace by following their client-centric approach and by creating a rationalized approach towards uploading data on the software.
Creative Social Intranet offer many such solutions based on the requirements of the company. It is developed in such a way, the company software can be customized and deployed in short interval of time.

Our HR Intranet software is a system that provides user with a safe and secure dais to communicate information effectively and efficiently throughout the company may it be in a team, a department or organisation situated in different locations and time zones.