Employee Onboarding

What is Employee Onboarding?

The organization has come to realize the importance of an engaged employee, the process of having an engaged employee starts from the very first day the employee accepts the offer to work at your organization.

Every organization needs to have a robust process infrastructure for the onboarding process. Employee onboarding is a continuous process it begins as soon as the employee joins the organization and become “onboarded” by accepting the employer’s offer, followed by Employee Orientation (that is mandatory paperwork and the administrative processes, introduction to the vision, mission and values of the organization) and continues to employees being introduced to their department, learning the organization’s work culture and objectives, to gradually understanding their roles and responsibility, setting performance goals and everything in between.

In today’s tech-savvy generation, most of the employees are excited and eager to broadcast their capabilities. In an IT HUB like Pune, retaining new hires in today’s market is a tough job many new hires leave within the first 6 months and when you consider the shorter average tenure of millennials it’s clear that an effective onboarding program is crucial to retaining new hires and keeping them engaged.

Firstly, the company needs to understand that, the first day of an employee is a very important day, as the employee is full of enthusiasm and curiosity regarding their role and work in an organization or a company. It is always a better idea that an employee is given a secure login and access key on the very first day. They should also have their assigned desks with needed supplies.Once the employee is done with the paperwork and administrative processes and they have their log in ids employees can find their way in the system and understand the organization better through different modules that Creative Social Intranet offers.

  • Few of the modules that Creative social Intranet offers to aid the onboarding process are:

    News and Announcements:

    • A section where the employer or any person with authority and permission can post certain data about the company’s progress.
    • It would provide the employees with a platform where they could check the latest trends via different industrial blogs related to the sector.
    • Such a platform can be used to make an employee aware of any meetings that are to be held or any policy being implemented.

    Progress report :

    • Progress report helps employee as well as the team leader to check the progress of the employee.
    • This feature also helps the HR Manager track the progress of the employee and his work easily.
    • With such a report employee can get honest feedback from their team leaders and managers.

  • Employee Recognition :

    • Employee recognition and announcements about employee’s achievements enhance the engagement within the organization. Initially, employees used to get paper cards or letters from their boss acknowledging them for a job well done.
    • Introducing features like employee recognition and rewards in intranet whereby employees or managers and leaders can share peer to peer recognitions on the intranet with the availability of different badges likes the best employee, the best team, hardworking etc.
    • All these recognitions that are earned by the employees are displayed on company leader boards as well as employee profile.

    Employee Engagement:

    • Employee engagement is an incredibly hard and important topic. Engaged employees are happier, more productive, satisfied and are less likely to leave the organization.
    • Creative social Intranet can improve engagement in a number of ways. As intranet being a platform where the company culture comes to life, it’s easier for employees to understand the values, the bigger picture and feel part of it.
    • As an intranet is a place for active communication and collaboration, employees can use it to stay connected with their team and get feedback from managers.

A platform like this, aids in training and development as well as communication and collaboration. Providing this platform during onboarding goes a long way towards fostering the kind of environment employees thrive in and nurture their connections with their co-workers and managers. Gallup research suggests that the most engaged employees are the ones who have a solid connection with their co-workers and managers. The organization can help them build those connections by assigning them a mentor or buddy during their first week or two as a new employee.

Why Creative Social Intranet?

TIn today’s times, it has become very crucial for any organization to have a separate platform like intranet to communicate and collaborate effectively. It has come to this point because of the increasing number of data breaches happening in the organization, lack of communication, no proper storage for the organization’s information and many more. Intranet Application is useful and beneficial for all the enterprises may it be a SMEs (Small and Medium size Enterprise) or a large Enterprise. It provides a digital workspace for organization.

No matter what size your company or organization is, a formal orientation and onboarding process is the best way to welcome new employees and introduce them to your organization.