Employee Onboarding Software

what the industrial giants require to have their engaged employee

Today, the Phrase “Jack of all trades, master of none” can be best used to describe the city Pune. Which is a multifaceted city, it is a - leading IT destination, logistics hub and a renowned centre for the auto, design and white goods industries, amongst others. The versatile City has undergone incredible changes in recent times. With several multinationals and information technology companies having set up there, the city now caters to young professionals with high incomes and a penchant for up market lifestyles.

A well-organized and structured employee onboarding process from the very beginning. Employee Onboarding is one of those business buzzwords that became popular with the introduction to new economy services like IT and ITES.

Technology aids Onboarding

  • Improve Employee Engagement

    Creative Social Intranet can help company to improve engagement in a number of ways. It provides the employees with a platform where they could gather and share knowledge effectively by widgets like blog post, which aids in connecting with like-minded people. It aids in active employee collaboration and communication. It aids employees to stay connected with other employees. As an intranet being a dais where the company culture comes to life, it’s easier for employees to understand the values, the bigger picture and feel part of it.

    Progress Report

    Progress Report helps the managers to check the progress of the employees. This tool is not only useful to the managers, but also to the employees to check and analyse their progress. With such a report employee can get honest feedback from their team leaders and managers about the work they do and the areas they can improve in.

  • News and Announcement

    Creative Social Intranet provides its user with a platform where managers can easily share information related to the company or the industry. They can use this widget to communicate any information that should be known to the employees like a certain meeting, a training program or a seminar.

    Digital storage and management of data

    A platform like this helps mangers to manage the accumulated data or information effectively and also aid is reducing data loss during the transfer of data. Having such a platform can help the companies to reduce paper cost by providing an online welcome kit to the employee on the intranet.

A platform like this, aids in training and development as well as communication and collaboration. Providing this platform during onboarding goes a long way towards fostering the kind of environment employees thrive in and nurture their connections with their co-workers and mangers.

Why Creative Social Intranet?

Creative social Intranet team can help build a company intranet website or software, with company-requested modules and create a rationalized approach towards uploading data onto the site. Together with the company they can build a platform where employees can actively participate and collaborate. A tool like this can help the organization’s HR manager or any superior authority to get the most productivity from their employees, while also keeping those employees happy and satisfied.

Gallup research suggests that the most engaged employees are the ones who have a solid connection with their co-workers and managers. Company can help the employees to build those connection by having a concrete onboarding process.