Employee Intranet Software

When an employee contributes something ?

In today’s modern world, there is abundance of information in distributed locations. It would be quite helpful for the employees as well as the employer to have all this information and data regarding their organization and their industry in a centralized location. It severs as an integration of different modules that aids to have a collaborative work platform. Having an intranet software helps to manage the developed and shared content on an organization platform effectively and efficiently. An intranet can benefit any size of organization may it be SME or a large enterprise. A software like this can help organization achieve their goal cooperatively and collaboratively. In Pune, a city 75 miles away from Mumbai, with a pool of opportunities for millennials to prove themselves in different sectors. There is an active start-up environment in software or IT sector, manufacturing technology sector, etc.

Pune, being an IT hub is a platform where millennials would get a chance to express themselves and to show their capabilities. Their well-connected roadways result in traffic due to being used for transportation. A city like this would definitely drain the maximum benefits of such a software which aids in benefiting with improved communication, collaboration, engagement, etc

Few of the benefits of the Creative Intranet Software are

  • Employee Onboarding

    • Employee onboarding is a process of recruiting a new employee in an organization and making them aware of the company policy and culture.
    • If there is a newly joined employee who is not aware of the company policies and their work culture, all they need is a valid id and password to the application and they can gain access-to the company policy, company updates or any other information.
    • If an organization were to traditionally assign a member to explain all this then it would be quite time-consuming and unproductive for the employee as well as the organization. With such a platform it is possible to share different data and ideas effectively and instantly.

    Improves Communication and Collaboration

    • Intranet provides with a platform where the employees can share their ideas and opinions about the ongoing events in the industry as well as the organization itself.
    • Employees from different department can have a conversation regarding a blog post that other employee has shared.
    • They can collaborate better by sharing their task schedules and arranging the meeting accordingly. Sharing of documents within the organization would be easy.
    • In an event when an employee cannot be on a location physically, they can easily use this platform to inform of the situation as well as work from where ever they are.

HR and Intranet

  • Organization’s HR Managers can benefit enormously as they can check which employee is on vacation or which employee is currently working and on what project, they can even calculate the growth and contribution of each employee
  • They can check the activity of every employee, the number of employees recruited in this quarter or a month or in a year

A software like this also aids the user with a platform where they could actively appreciate and have a conversation with their colleagues and connect with them. We all understand how important it is to acknowledge employees hard work and efforts, as without it employee would be unproductive and discouraged to work. It is very likely that few members would find the post relatable or just generally like it. In situation like this they can easily connect with that member and share their token of informal peer-to-peer appreciation.

With such a digital platform companies can enhance their communication and collaboration on a broad spectrum may it be in- department or inter-department. They can improve their knowledge in different fields and sectors from the very experts in the company.