Employee Engagement Software

How does Employee Engagement software helps?

Organizations have come to realization that in today’s constantly changing business scenario, the most valuable asset that needs to be leveraged is human resources. This means not just recruiting employees and retaining them but keeping them motivated and committed to achieving the organization goals. Employee engagement software provides with a platform to do so.

  • What is Employee Engagement Software?

    The term employee engagement has various definitions, given by different researchers. A commonly agreed upon definition would be the involvement of employee at work be it physical, psychological and emotional. But the definition of employee engagement varies for different organization as per their requirements, for some it’s the potential to increase sales while for others it’s to increase the efficiency of their training programs. Despite the fact that Employee Engagement as a business jargon became popular since the introduction to new economy service industries like Information Technology and IT enables services have taken off. The origins of the concept of employee engagement is as old as the concept of business itself.

    Why Creative Social Intranet?

    All the business may it be a SME or a large enterprise needs a platform where they can manage their data effectively and efficiently. They understand that the employee engagement software helps organisations to effectively manage the information about the goods and services that they offer, identify different ongoing trends, collaborate, discuss potential ideas and make informed business decisions. That’s why we offer tailor made software, understanding the best practice involved in employee engagement to improve employee morale, performance and retention in an organization.

  • As reported in 2017 Gallup report, companies with better employee engagement are 21% more profitable than their competitors.

    In 2000s employee engagement software became popular within the HRM industry (Human Recourse Management) due to the benefits it offers to the business. Let’s suppose your organization is head-quartered in the leading IT destination Pune, with many of its subsidiaries scattered in different location. Data gathering from different locations would be a hassle without a platform to do so. These extra plus factors can be identified by the range of widgets that they offer to improve Employee Engagement. Few of those widgets are:

  • Employee Polls:

    Employee polls are an efficient way to get quick results to a particular query. It helps the company to collect quick valuable feedback from the employees. Employee polls not only keep the employees engaged but make them feel to be a part of the company.

    Rewards and recognition:

    Rewards and recognition play an important role in shaping the behaviour of the employee and the outlook towards the company. Our Employee Engagement Software provides employees with a recognition system where they get different badges for their work and achievement, like “Best Employee”, “Hard working”, etc

  • Birthdays/Anniversary:

    Getting a birthday or anniversary reminder of employees so that you could follow-up and wish them. It also helps employees to improve their connections with the employees.

    Blog Post:

    A segment where all employees of the company can contribute their knowledge, share their opinions, etc and get feedback on them. It helps the company to keep the employee engaged and participative.

  • Quote of the day:

    A small section to motivate, inspire or encourage the employees. It helps employees to get going with their work and also helps them to build new or different perception.

    Training Portals:

    Where employee can learn about different things bu the means of a blog post, image, video or a presentation and improve their knowledge.

Our Employee Engagement software is a platform which aids in storing and managing the data, communication, collaboration employee onboarding and employee engagement with the “extra plus factor” that differentiates it from other platforms.