Employee Engagement Portal

What exactly is employee engagement? and “Why is it necessary?”.

Organizations have come to realize the importance of their greatest asset in today’s constantly evolving business structures, human resources. They have come to realize that an engaged employee contributes to the success of the organization, as its own. That is why many different organizations have their own employee engagement processes. The fundamental concept of employee engagement is to describe both qualitative and quantitative nature of the relation between an organization and its employee.

An "engaged employee" is defined as one who is fully involved in, enthusiastic and committed to their work and workplace. An engaged employee has a positive outlook towards the organization and its morals, so they take action to further the organization's reputation and interests.

When an employee is engaged, when they are emotionally committed, it means that they are going to give discretionary effort. That they are going to go that extra mile to fulfil their commitment to their objectives. That’s why an engaged employee is so powerful and important to an organization.

As opposed to a disengaged employee may range from an employee doing the bare minimum at work, up to an employee who is actively damaging the company's reputation. To decipher it better let’s consider an example of a sales person, an engaged sales person will sell just as hard on a Friday afternoon as she would on a Monday afternoon. Essentially, employee engagement is an emotional commitment that an employee has to an organization and the organization’s goals.

In spite of the fact that employee engagement and job satisfaction are two different notions, many at times they are considered to be that same. Satisfaction can be defined as an employee being happy with their job or organization. Satisfaction is an attitude, it’s like organizational loyalty or pride.

Employee Engagement is about an employee being positively involved in their work and the process of adding value to the organization. The process of employee engagement has been evolved with the evolution of technology and introduction to new economy service industry like Information technology and IT enable services. On events like festival or mass curfew, such a platform would actively help employees to work from anywhere with efficiency. Let’s assume that an organization is based in Pune, due to some reason an employee cannot make it to the organization physically or is working in a remote area, now it is very important for that employee to complete certain task, in such events Creative Social Intranet’s Employee engagement portal helps employee to efficiently complete their task and also helps the organizations HR to check if the task is completed or not.

Creative social Intranet aims to provide company with a platform where they can actively contribute in the growth of an organization.

How does Creative Social Intranet help?

Creative Social Intranet helps employees to complete their task efficiently from any location as they provide a platform where the employees can manage and share their data efficiently. It acts as a repository to store needed data that can be accessed by the employee when and where needed. Few of the benefits that creative social Intranet offers in their Employee Engagement portal that aids organization are
  • Improves Communication and Collaboration:

    • Intranet provides with a platform where the employees can share their ideas and opinions about the ongoing events in the industry as well as the organization itself.
    • Employees from different department can have a conversation regarding a blog post that other employee has shared.
    • They can collaborate better by sharing their task schedules and arranging the meeting accordingly. Sharing of documents within the organization would be easy.
    • In an event when an employee cannot be on a location physically, they can easily use this platform to inform of the situation as well as work from where ever they are.

    Employee Onboarding:

    • Employee onboarding is a process of recruiting a new employee in an organization and making them aware of the company policy and culture.
    • If there is a newly joined employee who is not aware of the company policies and their work culture, all they need is a valid id and password to the application and they can gain access-to the company policy, company updates or any other information.
    • If an organization were to traditionally assign a member to explain all this then it would be quite time-consuming and unproductive for the employee as well as the organization. With such a platform it is possible to share different data and ideas effectively and instantly.

HR and Intranet:

  • Organization’s HR Managers can benefit enormously as they can check which employee is on vacation or which employee is currently working and on what project, they can even calculate the growth and contribution of each employee.
  • They can check the activity of every employee, the number of employees recruited in this quarter or a month or in a year.

With such a digital platform organization can enhance their communication and collaboration on a broad spectrum may it be in- department or inter-department. They can improve their knowledge in different fields and sectors from the very experts in the company.

Creative social Intranet team can help organizations to build an employee engagement portal, with company-requested modules and create a rationalized approach towards uploading data onto the portal. Together with the company they can build a platform where employees can actively participate and collaborate with other employees.